Sifu Behnam Kanani

Sifu Kanani is a fourth generation senior instructor of the Fu Jow Pai, Tiger claw kung fu,  system and honorary member of it's board.  Sifu Kanani has been training under the 3rd generation grandmaster Wai Hong since 1981. 

Sifu Kanani has also been training with the great 4th. generation Fu Jow Pai master, sifu Tak Wan Eng. 

Traditional Chinese Martial Art Federation

Sifu Kanani is a board member and has been training in traditional chinese martial arts for over four decades.   Sifu Kanani has participated in numerous National And International competitions and tournament and has received many awards, medals and certificates.  

Golden Tiger Kung Fu

Sifu Kanani is the head instructor for Golden Tiger Kung Fu which is the only federation authorized Fu Jow school in Los Angeles area. 

Culver City Enrichment Programs

Sifu Kanani is also currently teaching at Teen center for Culver city Parks and Recreation.

Sifu Kanani has received instructor level certificates in Kung Fu Tao, Goju Ryu, Wushu, White Crane and Wing Tsun styles.